Arms Gate Development, Melbourne

This development is a collection of 7 plots, five new builds and two refurbishments of an existing public house dating back hundreds of years located in the picturesque village of Melbourne. The developer has kept the traditional build techniques on the exterior, but internally the houses (with 5, 6 or 7 bedrooms) were designed for modern living and look. So earlier this year we were approached by the developer to assist with three different aspects:

  1. Check the ventilation requirements.

  2. Provide pre-build and as-built energy assessments.

  3. Provide exterior lighting design for the street and parking areas.

Working with the architect and building control we first checked the ventilation requirements to confirm compliance with Part F of the Building Regulations. In some areas, additional window opening was added, and we were able to have natural ventilation throughout and not have to depend on additional mechanical fans. This saved the developer installation costs in the short time and saved the occupant's maintenance costs in the long term.

In coordination with the ventilation requirements, we provided energy assessments as required under Part L of the Building Regulations. In some houses, log burners were specified, and these helped bring the buildings into compliance for energy usage. We took the architects proposed construction details, calculated the U-values and put these into the IES Environmental Design software to get a comprehensive set of results from which we could brief the client on the outcome. With early engagement, we were able to advise the client on the aspects that were causing high carbon production (thus failing the calculation) so that the building was brought back into compliance.

The external lighting design was completed in coordination with a specialist designer and used a selection of possible manufacturers to get the required lighting levels and to maintain the traditional look of the street and car parking spaces that the client wanted. This was difficult to achieve as the developer didn’t want any street lamps and just wanted low-level bollard type lighting, however by providing a pictorial representation of the proposals we were able to complete the design to the client's requirements and to meet minimum lighting levels.

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