Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger Stores

BEM Services were contacted by the project managers of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger store refurbishments to provide assistance with air conditioning, ventilation and water services designs in stores that are being refitted. Initially this work covered Portsmouth, Cardiff and Cambridge but now we are providing the same services for their flagship store on Brompton Road, London. The project will see the existing store split into two sides over the Ground and First Floors whilst the Second and Third Floors are redeveloped as their Serviced Sales Department.

Each of these stores projects started off with BEM Services attending client meetings in London to discuss drawings and proposals from the Architect from which we provided advice on possible solutions and the most economic method of heating/ cooling the shops. As well as client meetings, inspections of the shops were conducted to identify current layouts of existing ventilation systems and air conditioning unit positions. Where required we liaise with the lease holders and building managers to ensure our design meets the requirements of the existing building for drainage and fresh water supplies.

Back at the office we calculate the exact requirements for the new ventilation rates and power required of the air conditioning systems to keep the stores at the required temperatures throughout the year. These must fit within the specification of the lease or shopping mall facilities managers as we will be connecting into their water and power supplies.

In each case we ensure the design meets Building Regulations and best practice for retail units whilst working closely with the Architect to ensure that the shop has the desired look and feel to it. This is important as clothing brands will have a marketing strategy that all their stores will follow. The water services in the back-of-house areas are also designed and drawn up and these provide drinking water, washing and toilet facilities to the staff.

In just under a month our specification, calculations and drawings were produced and delivered to the client to allow the project to go ahead and for work to commence. Deliver of our work is always on time as the project managers have to meet strict deadlines, as delays in delivery could impact key sales periods such as Christmas or summer sales. The work we do goes largely unseen, which that is the aim, but also delivers an enjoyable shopping experience for the customers and a comfortable working area for the staff.

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