Supporting Facilities Managers

BEM Services provide electrical and mechanical engineering support to Facilities Managers across the country. This can range from writing contracts, inspecting existing equipment/ infrastructure to designing new installations or monitoring progress on site. We cover all types of facilities and we have recent experience with the following sectors:

  • School Academy’s
  • Universities
  • County Councils
  • Aitports
  • Sports centres
  • Manufacturing industry (Aerospace and Marine suppliers)
  • Ministry of Defence Estates

To ensure a good relationship between the Facility Manager and the on-site maintenance/ repair company a good contract needs to be in place and we can assist with this by drafting the contract, recommending maintenance periods and reviewing costs. By having this set up properly it is easier for the Facility Manager to his/ her job efficiently and effectively.

Where an existing site has old or un-accounted for equipment we can assist by inspecting and reporting on what is needed. Sometimes called Asset Management we can locate, log and prepare paperwork for a site that is coming into a new contract.

The main services we provide to Facilities Managers is design and technical support. When the client requires equipment, stores or other elements to be moved or amended we can advise on new power, water or gas requirements to suit the installation. This can be very wide ranging and includes such projects as:

  • Installation of new lathe
  • Upgrade of lighting system
  • Extension to an existing compressed air system
  • Change of use from office space to storage
  • Upgrade electrical supply and install new sub-station
  • Monitor heating system usage or electrical loads
  • Replace old boilers with new

For each project we will advise on the options available, provide detailed designs, assist with the tender process and finally monitor progress during the installation phase. At each stage we will liaise with all parties involved, track progress against programme and assess quality constantly.

If any of this work is similar to your requirements, then contact us directly by calling 0115 7788227 or email