Technical Support

Architects and developers must constantly consider the mechanical and electrical components of their construction projects, in doing so questions such as these often arise:

Would a boiler fit in that space?

What lighting do I need in this area?

Am I meeting the Building Regulations by doing this?

How much is this proposed development going to cost?

With these questions being left unanswered problems and issues will arise when the installers or building control arrive on site leading to delays and additional costs to the project, but what if there was someone they could call to get these questions answered?

BEM Services is developing a mechanical and electrical technical support help desk that will deal with these exact issues on your behalf. The aim of the service will be to give architects and developers answers to technical questions quickly and reliably, giving certainty and confidence that their project will be completed as expected.

Questions raised can be in any area of building services, such as:

Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Hot & Cold Water, Air Conditioning, Drainage, Water Treatment, Solar Power, Rain Water Recycling, Building Management Systems, Electrical Power Supplies, Security, Fire Detection and Alarms, Sprinklers, CCTV, Access Control, Telecommunications/ Data.

The questions can be along any lines, such as, providing outline costings, assess the feasibility of a proposed solution, calculating the capacity of existing systems, looking at space requirements or assessing compliance with Building Regulations.

The help desk will work in the same way as an IT support help desk, where any questions can be posed directly to the experts and dealt with quickly and efficiently until resolved.

The help desk will be manned with experienced engineers who are supported with industry standard resources such as AutoCAD, IHS technical library and NBS standards. A site surveyor will also be on hand to look at existing buildings and developments that are already underway.

The benefits of the service are that the customer will be provided with reliable and dependable technical information, giving confidence and certainty through a simple phone call or email.

If this sounds like a service that would be of interest to you then contact us by 0115 7788227 or email